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Tiffany Jones, B.A.

Practicum Clinician

Tiffany Jones
Dominican Residence Hall 121A
(608) 663-4148


Greetings! My name is Tiffany Jones and I will be serving as a practicum clinician for the 2017-2018 academic year. I completed a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Cornell University and am currently pursuing my PhD in Counseling Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. However, mere words cannot express how truly excited I am to begin my journey here at Edgewood College. Throughout my clinical training, I have nurtured a passion for working with college students from diverse academic, social, and racial backgrounds. My underlying passion has been considerably shaped by personal observations of the ways in which individual and group counseling ignites heightened self-reflection, healing, and growth during this significant period in one’s life.

While I integrate different approaches in my therapeutic work, I primarily operate from a psychodynamic orientation. Therefore, I commonly explore how past attachment experiences influence how we interact on both an interpersonal and intrapersonal level in our present lives. Within this framework, I also draw upon a strengths-based worldview, such that I do not emphasize deficits, but tend to focus on how individuals are adaptive and doing the best they can with the resources and insights available to them. Although I have gained experience working with students with varied presenting concerns and diagnoses, my primary clinical interests are rooted in attachment relationships, academic persistence, identity development, trauma work, and coping mechanisms.

In my various roles on campus, I continually strive to break down stigma and foster honest conversations about the importance of mental health and well-being. In order to model the importance of well-being and self-care, I enjoy cooking new recipes, hairstyling, attending music festivals, and spending time with loved ones in my free time.