Tierney Twing

Rape Crisis Center - Campus Counselor/Advocate

Tierney Twing
Dominican Residence Hall 122A
(608) 251-7273


Hello Edgewood College!

My name is Tierney Twing (she/her), I am a Sexual Assault Victim Advocate from the Rape Crisis Center (RCC). I grew up in the Madison area, and graduated from Edgewood College after transferring from Gardner-Webb University where I played Division 1 basketball. I hold a B.S. in Criminal Justice with a Human Services concentration. I started my career working for the Department of Corrections in the Office of Special Operations and the Prison Rape Elimination Act, supporting incarcerated survivors of sexual assault. I then worked at the Domestic Abuse Intervention Services as an advocate for families surviving domestic abuse. Throughout my career I have focused on listening to each survivors needs and allowing them to decide their path to healing while supplying the resources and support throughout that journey.

Since starting at the Rape Crisis Center I have worked with adult survivors of sexual assault and their support systems to navigate the many systems in Dane County. I am passionate about informing survivors of all their options as they work through the complexities of trauma and potentially the criminal justice system. Advocacy services through the Rape Crisis Center are completely customizable to each survivor’s personal needs.

I will be on Edgewood’s campus all day on Tuesdays in Dominican 122A. Please know that as I am not employed by Edgewood College, but I am able to provide confidential services to students, staff, or faculty.

Feel free to call (608)-663-4148; or call the RCC’s 24-hour Helpline at (608) 251-7273. More information can be found at www.thercc.org