Anna Fetter

Personal Counseling Practicum Student

Anna Fetter
Dominican Residence Hall 121B
(608) 663-4148


Personal Gender Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Hi all! Welcome to Edgewood’s Personal Counseling Services! I’m thrilled to be joining the Edgewood Community as a member of the PCS team this year as a Doctoral Practicum Clinician, and really appreciate the opportunity to work with students on a college campus.

In my current pursuit of a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology at UW-Madison, I’ve enjoyed working with students in a variety of settings and spaces, whether it be as a teacher, mentor, or clinician. I received my Master’s in Education from Harvard University in Human Development and Psychology and my bachelor’s degree from Dartmouth College (majoring in both Psychology and Native American Studies).

As a counselor, I believe in the value of understanding each individual’s unique experience, and hope to create a space where you feel seen, empowered, as well as supported. I utilize strategies from a number of different approaches, and hope to help students identify ways in which current patterns in their life may be strengthened or shifted, and assist folks in taking those steps to healing and growth. My particular areas of interest within therapy include identity development, experiences with trauma (whether present or past), emotional expression and management (DBT Skills), depression and anxiety, and concerns related to relationships with family, friends, or partners.

Outside of work, I enjoy playing with my elderly cat, spending time exploring the Midwest, and spending time with friends and family.