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Group Counseling

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*All services are confidential. Members are expected to sign a confidentiality agreement prior to attending their first group meeting.

If interested in any of the groups below, please contact Personal Counseling Services at 608-663-4148.

Understanding Self & Others (USO) Group

This group provides students with an opportunity to better understand themselves and their relationships by gaining perspective from others. Students can examine a variety of life concerns including but not limited to family or other relationship issues, feelings of loneliness or isolation, communication styles, or symptoms of depression or anxiety. Members grow through practicing new, more engaged ways of relating, by giving and receiving feedback, as well as processing their reactions to other group members.

Managing Difficult Family Dynamics

This group is specifically for students who would like to talk about family difficulties. This may include but is not limited to challenges communicating with family members, feeling misunderstood by family, or wanting to break life patterns learned from caregivers.

Thriving Together

This group is designed to serve as a safe, inclusive and supportive space in which students from diverse backgrounds are able to discuss concerns related to their identities on campus. You will learn skills and strategies, as well as receive support and encouragement, from peers and co-facilitators. Some topics are pre-determined to encourage discussion, but may change based on students' needs. Potential topics may include: Identity-based Battle Fatigue, Affirming your ID in an environment that does not, Managing cultural conflicts (family vs community vs school), Dealing with discrimination & microaggressions , College acculturation and lessons learned, and Balancing advocacy vs. self-care needs.

Survivors Support Group

This is a free weekly support group on Edgewood College’s campus for student survivors of sexual assault. Individuals are welcome to join any time. The group is provided by Rape Crisis Center (RCC) and located in Edgewood’s Wellness Center (Dominican 114). Find more information about this and other RCC groups here.

Research shows that group therapy is at least as effective as individual therapy. Read more about how you could benefit from group here: Group Therapy FAQ




Dominican 122
Phone: 608-663-4148
Fax: 608-663-2278

Please use the Lakeside entrance (facing Lake Wingra and the Siena Apartments)

Fall Semester Hours

Monday – Friday 8:00 - 12:00 and 1:00 - 4:30


Appointments can be made by calling 608-663-4148 or at our front desk in Dominican 122.